Monday, February 20, 2006

paper airplanes

Mitchell was sitting in the floor the other night coloring in a notepad and tearing out each page he colored on. I sat down with him and thought, "What can we do with all of this paper on the floor?" Hoping for a cool mom moment I quietly made a paper airplane. I said, "Look Mitchell, watch this airplane." I threw the airplane. He glanced up, but was not really impressed. He colored a little more. I tried a second prototype, "Watch this one." The second airplane took an immediate nose dive. He grabbed a piece of paper and said, "Mommy watch this airplane." I watched with anticipation as he stood up, waded the paper, and dropped it on the floor. Huh, not what I was expecting!

He threw a few more paper ball planes. I threw a few more folded paper planes. He was still not getting it. Mark joined us and helped make my airplanes look more like Mitchell's. Mitchell disappeared into his room for a moment and came back with a small model space shuttle. "Watch this one Mommy!" as he dropped and it crashed to the floor! OH! - my cool mom moment crashed with it! Actually it was probably a good little science experiment, but it had to be cut short because the small metal space shuttle's flight plan kept inching dangerously close to Mark's head!


aunt-shell said...

Well at least it makes for a funny story. Knowing the intellectual level of Mitchell, he'll probably bring you a perfectly folded airplane that will soar like an eagle when you least expect it. Aren't kids the greatest! especially when there so smart and a close relative. AS for being a smart mommy, at least you tried to include Marky and you know your limits when it came the safety of your baby boy, HaHaHa! Love you guys.

Noe Family said...

Jeny, you need to go to our blog and check out this cool map you can do. I've seen it on a lot of people's blog's lately and I thought I'd do one too. You can map all the states you've been to, countries etc...Since you and Neil travel so much, I'd love to see your maps. Hope yall are doing well. When's your move to OKC?

castlepeople said...

hey jeny,

orville and wilbur wright started very much the same way. with Mitchell, you never know where that night might lead.