Thursday, January 04, 2007


So, I turned thirty in December. I have not had time to think much less blog so here it is! It was quite eventful in the non-eventful way! It had been a busy week. I have "birthday being near to Christmas" issues as it is, and I felt like my big day was being overlooked. We met Neil's parents in Ardmore the day after my birthday so we could have a birthday dinner and then they were going to take the boys with them so Neil and I could go to his work's Christmas party, and I would have time to make Mitchell's christmas present, and make a wedding gift for my mom, and then go back to get the boys Monday, before Tuesday's big last day of Sonshine school before the break Chirstmas party! The weekend with no kids seemed more work oriented than celebration oriented. So the week before my big day, I was stressed, emotional, and feeling very sad! My own mom had not even called to make plans for my birthday! Instead of feeling bad about it, I called her to invite her over to my house, on my birthday, to celebrate. After saying she could, she suddenly remembered she couldn't! She had two work parties to go to that night! I was crying by this point, so I couldn't respond! She decided she would skip the parties and come over! An hour later I get a call from her co-worker saying that my mom must attend the party because it is really a surprise wedding shower for her. Just another reminder that everyone was too busy to celebrate my birthday! So I have to try to tell my mom not to come over and not tell her why! Yeah right! It is just too suspicious now! So my mom figures out about the shower and decides to come over after the party. So the actual day of my birthday, I am teaching at Sonshine school, and feeling on the verge of tears at every moment. In walks Lisa the church secretary with a birthday flower arrangement! I immedeately break into tears, and run to the hallway to cry! My students were a little confused as to why I was holding beautiful flowers and crying. One sweet boy gave me a hug, just because he felt so ackward about seeing his teacher cry! The flowers were from my sister! What a great gal!! We got home from school and I had gotten a present in the mail from Neil's sister, so things were looking up!
During dinner, Neil also told me that he had booked a hotel room for us to go to after we were dressed up for the Christmas party! Later that evening my mom brought me icecream to celebrate! The boys were already in bed so just her and I and Neil sat on the couch and celebrated! My mom also tried to call me 30 times to sing happy birthday during the day. She only made it to about 7! She tried though! I felt really grateful that she drove 30 minutes to town, at 9:00 at night, after a long day of work and a wedding shower, just to bring me icecream! All in all, it turned out to be a good birthday! So eventful in the non-eventful way would best describe it!

We tried to take a family picture at the restraunt and this picture just really sums up how the week felt! I love pictures when people look stupid, and usually don't post them if I am the one looking stupid, but this just totally fits the theme of my 30th birthday so I had to post it! Mark has food on his face, Mitchell's shirt is backwards, and Neil and I just look like morons! It reminds me of our family picture from the fourth of July! Go back to see it. It is hilarious too!

Thanks for reading this long sob story! I really didn't intend to write it all out, I really just wanted to post the picture! Thanks for humoring me!

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jessica said...

Happy late birthday! I kinda had the same experience with our anniversary this year.

We thought of you all on New Years Eve. We were planning on going to Bristow church to see you guys and decided to call the Hearns to be sure you all were coming down. We were disappointed to hear you guys were not coming. I guess we are going to have to break down and make a trip to OKC to see you all.