Saturday, December 13, 2008

holiday projects

Here are the curtains I have been working on for the past two weeks! I am so glad to finally have them done and hung! With the Christmas tree and the removal of toys from the living room it looks like a totally new room!

Oops! Here is what happens when the air conditioner comes on! I had to push the back from the vent! These are our Christmas trees! The fancy one, the one I call the "tree of love" with all of our hand made ornaments and ornaments collected from when Neil and I were kids. Mark
thought the card tree needed its picture taken too! I think some of you should post pics of your trees too so we can see the family traditions of how each family decorates!

The boys showed up in the kitchen yesterday dressed as Mary and Joseph holding a stuffed animal wrapped in a fire bandana for the hay of the manger and a frisbee as the manger. They were looking for someone to be the wisemen, shephards and angel. They talked me into being the angel! It was too adorable! Note the blue for the Mary costume; isn't she always in blue? And she had a bag too that had to be in just the right place. They were so attentive to detail! We took several self-timer pictures but Mark could not keep from looking at the camera when it beeped the warning to take the picture!

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