Tuesday, May 09, 2006

itinerant life

Well, we are in stage 1 of 3 in our moving process. We moved out of our house on Thursday. Surprisingly, there were no tears! Neil then drove to Oklahoma and loaded our stuff into storage. Thanks to the Edmond crew who helped! He then flew here to B'ham. The boys and I moved into the basement of our friend's house. We have 2 bedrooms, a living room with a big screen TV that rolls down out of the ceiling (that we have not used yet), a full bath, and a toy closet! We essentially have a home of our own under theirs. It is a great place to stay. We are very grateful to be able to stay with them. They have 2 little girls ages 7 and 4 that adore Mitchell and Mark. It makes it a little hard to have nap time, and there are many tears over who gets to sit by Mark at the dinner table, but other than that we are doing very well! Mitchell has not asked once about our old house. Praise God! He has asked who we are going to live with next before the Oklahoma house. He seems to understand and is not upset about it at all! God is walking us through this very gently and I am very appreciative! We started calling a few friends to have our last outings with them! Neil's schedule is pretty tight. We had 3 open days to do something and 3 families that were special to us on our "priority" list! So far it is working out that we all have just the right times to get together. I was pretty mad at Neil for scheduling so many work shifts and making it harder to see people, but God is working that out too!

Ok! Question of the evening! Who did you vote for? My vote is always for Chris! I really don't vote, but if I did, that is who I would vote for! I also thought Katherine did a good job tonight, but I just don't like her personality or something. I like Taylor - he is from Birmingham, did you know. I really don't like Elliot! Although he did a good job on his last song, he just does not need to be there. He is not "Idol" quality. We were watching Idol a few weeks ago and Mitchell said, "I hate her outfit!" I guess I have been stating my opinions a litle too loudly! Yikes!


Dustin said...

Memorable moments from the move:

3. "I'll never forget the (fill in name of couple) move, that was a nightmare."

2. "Free Chick-fil-a in the cab!"

...and my personal favorite (everybody sing now):

1. "I'm a little pon-y, clippety clop, clippety clop"

aunt-shell said...

Finally, Some new news and pictures. it's not you've been busy or anything, HaHaHa! Love ya.

Noe Family said...

Hey guys! I mailed a picture of Hayden to your Altadena address...hopefully it'll get forwarded to your basement!--Andrea