Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Sam Noble Museum of Natural Hisory

In July we took a little day trip down to Norman to see some dinosaur bones! We thought the boys would be totally impressed! They were most impressed with throwing the rocks in the flower beds out side of the snack bar! Well, at least the pictures look like they had fun! It was not as bad as I am making it sound! We saw several live reptiles and watched a feeding time in the hands-on part of the museum. If the boys were a little older they would have really enjoyed the dinosaurs! I don't think they really related the bones to real dinos! We thought they were really cool!
Neil was showing off his creative side when he took the top two pics!
Digging for bones in the "kid" part of the museum. Mark was cracking us up with his "safety gear"!
The boys liked "riding" on the dog!
"Do you see it?" " Don't make me beat you with this! You know I will!"

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