Tuesday, September 18, 2007

baby news

Here are some belly pics, that I am not really too proud of, but will post for the sake of the out-of-towners. I have to say that with baby 3 have only taken 3 belly pics. (With Mitchell I took a pic after every Dr apt. So there are considerably more!) This may be the last pic we take. We will induce on Oct 3! Oh I can't believe it! It is a hard question to answer: do you want the baby to stay in and you continue being uncomfortable, but have more spare time, or do you want the baby out and then be totally consumed with the sleepless life of newborn care? Huh! Toughie!

24 weeks, 32 weeks, and today at 36 1/2 weeks!

With the baby comming in 2 weeks I am glad to say that I have finished my first baby project! It is about time! I made a bassinet cover to blend in with our room! Next up is the crib bedding!

Mark is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the baby and fills the bassinet with the same essentials every day! Doesn't every baby need pacis, a necklace (in case you go to mardi gras) and a credit card?


Jennifer said...

I think you look adorable! You still haven't found out what you are having have you? Was it also a surprise with the two boys too? I didn't find out with my first, but had to know with the second. Hopefully you will have a very laid back baby and then be comfortable and still have sleepFUL nights;) Best wishes!

Noe Family said...

You look great!! Names?

KT said...

Can it already be time for you to have your baby? Wow! That went by so quickly for me! HA! Hope everything goes well and that I'll be on the email list when he/she is born.

The Davis Kids said...

Jeny- You look great! I've been wondering if you had the baby yet. We're still waiting on our little one to arrive. I guess I'll have to do a lot of walking this weekend to get the kid out. I'll be thinking of you. -Amber

jessica said...

You look so cute! We really enjoyed visiting with you all last week. I wish we lived closer. Keep us posted. We will be praying for a healthy delivery.