Friday, April 04, 2008


Where has the time gone? I knew it was time to post someting when a friend had the date of my last post memorized from looking at so many times! Mandy, Thanks for the encouragement!

Here is my pretty girl on Easter.

Here is what happens when the big brothers baby sit. The room was clean when they started. I don't know what I was busy doing, or how long they were at it, but they sure had fun! To my credit, I was in the kitchen or at the dining table just a few feet away from the chaos and had no idea it was going on. Ok, Maybe that is not to my credit!

Neil's birthday. Yes, it is on St. Patty's day, hence the green accessories!

Mark's birthday. I think Mark is so confused about the birthday thing. We were out of town for his birthday, so they sang to him a few days early at Sonshine School. Then Rachelle gave him a special birthday breakfast cake on his actual birth day. Then Sunday in Bible hour they sang to him again. Sunday afternoon we let him open some presents that had come in the mail . We keep talking and planning his party, and I am sure he is wondering when in the world it will happen! Wednesday night at church he tried to open someone's baby gift and had a melt down! Finally he gets to have his party on Saturday! The only confusing part about that is that the boys are sharing a party, so I hope he really thinks it is his party and not just Mitchell's.

Some more pictures of my pretty girl! We got fancy one day, so we had to take a picture. The other one is from an impromptu photo shoot on the living room floor one day. The lighting was good, so I got out the camera and pretended I was a creative photographer!
Art project day!
Our kid table broke. One weekend when were were in Dallas, I talked Neil's mom into driving me by Ikea and sitting in the van with the kids while I ran into the store to grab a kids table. Ever been to Ikea? I was in and out in 20 minutes. No Kidding! But I was in such a hurry, I accidentally picked a table that was completely unfinished. Mitchell heard me talking about how I was going to have to paint it and he got really excited about painting his table. The idea was to let the boys paint their own chairs with watercolor paints and I would paint the table legs in a kid-like decorative fashion to match, and I would just leave the top plain with a nice thick coat of varnish. Well we got a little carried away. The boys were both working dilligently. There was no fighting. The sun was shining. The weather was warm. The boys both kept saying how much fun they were having and how cool this was. I was in mommy heaven. We were successfully making art! They were loving it! We were bonding! There was no fighting (did I already mention that?) So, when they asked to paint the table top, I quietly, but with much deliberation, gave up the idea of a table that would look good in our kitchen for a piece of art work that the boys eat breakfast on every day and are so proud of! Here is what the table looks like. It does not fit the coffee theme of the kitchen. It does not fit the color scheme of the den. It does not even really look that good or blend in with anything in our house. It belongs in a play room. But it stays in our kitchen where it is used every day by two boys who, I hope, remember the great day that they made something artistic of their very own with thier mom.
The last pic is just a cute pic of Marky drawing on the driveway! I can not believe he is three years old!


Mandy said...

The table turned out great! Thanks for the update.

Noe Family said...

Oh my gosh! What a cute table! Makes me want to do that now:-)

Emily said...

"Mommy Heaven".....tell me more about this place. I KNEW it existed!