Friday, January 27, 2006

ten month Mark

Marky turned 10 months old today! Once again I am stunned! He is a wild man! He does not stop from the time he wakes up to the time I put him down for naps! He crawls; He climbs; He climbs the stairs; He cruises! He yells a lot too! Today, in honor of his birthday, he climbed the stairs and headed for his favorite place, the bathroom. I left him there for a few minutes not thinking that he could get into much! When I went to get him he had climbed, or fallen, into the tub and was exploring the assorted bath items stored there! Wow! What a mess! Mark got tubes in his ears earlier this week. He has not been his normal smiling self for a few weeks. Today and yesterday evening he finally found his smile again! Here are some pics of what he has been up to the last month!
Jan 4- standing for the 1st time
Jan 17 - cruising around the dining table

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