Tuesday, July 10, 2007

the fourth

Here are some pics of our celebration! We watched the parade in Edmond, then went to my mom's for some food, family, fun and fireworks! I think our family pic turned out better this year! You will have to go back to the archives to check it out! Thanks Phylliese for taking a good picture for us this year!
Mark's favorites from the parade were the horses, especially the tiny pony, and the police motorcycles that rode around in a circle. He kept saying, "sirc, vwoom" and waving his hand in a circle. Mitchell's faves were the mystery machine and the boy dancing on the bank float.

This is most of our new family. They had us duped on the fireworks. Don acted so humble and said that he wanted us to go with him to pick out fireworks because he did not know what to get for the kids. Neil and I know nothing about fireworks, but Neil went along to offer some type of help. It turns out that Don and his family ran a fireworks stand for several summers! He was asking for specific fireworks by name and they were going to the back to get them! Meanwhile, back at home, Celestia was telling me about all the fun things they would do with their left over fireworks! We felt pretty stupid! Mark liked shooting Roman Candles (with adult help) . He said, "Pop, Pop!" and would cry for them when it was not his turn! We did some after dark fireworks too, but the pics are mostly dark as you would guess! My mom gave the kids glow bracelets and necklaces and they turned out to be pretty helpful in the dark. We knew where they were at all times! I guess we exausted our host! Sleep tight Don!

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