Friday, September 26, 2008


Megan was pracitcing for her 1st birthday that is coming up on Sunday. I thought she might need a little practice with her tiara and tutu! She kept taking the tiara off! I was trying to keep her busy with toys to get a good pic. The night of the tutu pictures she was pretty tired! I just love pictures of crying babies. Disturbing, huh? Hopefully at the party she will be so distracted by the cake that she gets to eat all by herself, that she will leave the tiara on her head for some really cute pictures! You know I will post more b-day pics than you will ever want to see. Just keep your pants on!

I was practicing making the cake for her party! I made both of the boy's 1st b-day cakes so I had to keep up the tradition! I really want Megan's to be really cute, so it would probably be best if I purchased it, but I have to keep things fair! This one is for a cake walk at Mitchell's school sock hop Friday night! I just hope it is not the last cake chosen! I was hoping to win the heart of an elementary girl with the pink polka dot decorations! Megan's cake will have the marshmallo fondant icing as the base layer too, instead of this cake that just has regular icing with fondant decorations so Megan's hopefully won't look as lumpy! We will see!


Mandy said...

I LOVE the tutu!

heather said...

Is it possible that she's already turning one? Hard to believe! I think the cake looks great and I'm looking forward to seeing the b-day pics!

jessica said...

Love the cake and the tutu. Did you make the tutu? I am wanting to make one for Jennah to play in. She plays dress up 24/7. If you did will you email me and let me know how? Thanks!