Monday, November 28, 2005

our famous family member

Every family has to have one claim to fame! Our fame right now is Neil's sister Melissa who works for Disney. She is so famous her name is listed at the end of a long list of credits following (read in cheesy announcer voice) your favorite movie and mine . . . Chicken Little!! Saturday Neil's parents came back home with us and we all went to see Chicken Little! It was Mitchell's second movie and Mark's first! Mark slept through most of the movie and Mitchell, being the sensitive kid that he is, covered his ears through most of it! Well we liked the movie and liked seeing Aunt Melissa's name at the end too! Melissa is working with Toy Story 3 right now and we really can't wait for that one! Mitchell already loves Buzz and Woody. When he plays pretend he always gets to be Buzz and I have (get) to be Woody. Mitchell gets the cool line, "To in-i-fin-i-tee and beyond!" Mark is the horse, Bullseye. No, I don't let Mitchell ride on Mark's back, and neither do I for that matter! Neil is prospector, "that old man in the box", as Mitchell described it!
Well I got a little off subject! If you see Chicken Little watch the credits for Melissa Bradford! We are so proud of her!
Pretty creepy pictures huh? Well, they were taken in the dark! It looks like our kids don't get out much by the looks on their faces at seeing a movie! The stairs picture was taken post movie, they look a little tired! Mark is actually throwing a fit! And finally, if you don't make it to the movie, I will show you Melissa's name! Can you tell I have a new camera that I just can't put down?


MamaLou said...

Melissa - If I buy 'Chicken Little' and 'Toy Story 3' you must autograph them for me. Deal?
Jeny - put the camera away! I know they are very cool, but pictures in a movie theater? ? ? Neil, you really must take her out more often. Love You Guys!

Grandad and Mom-Mom said...

Aunt Melissa will be impressed that you acknowledged her on your family blog. We're so proud of you Melissa and Ben!