Thursday, December 01, 2005

Isaac saw it first

It would not be fair if we did not share this picture of Meredith and Jeremy and Isaac who actually went to see the Chicken Little before we did! Isaac is Ben and Melissa's other favorite nephew! From the story I heard Isaac did better during the movie than Mitchell. I heard he sat in his own seat the whole time eating popcorn and watching in awe! Mitchell sat in a variety of seats, mostly mine and Mom Mom's, and even had to take a trip to the bathroom even though he was wearing a diaper! Well, it is just not fair to compare sometimes! Isaac is 6 months younger than Mitchell. Isn't it cute that they both have glasses! What an odd coincidence!


aunt-shell said...

Hi - Finally someone(mamalou) showed me how to get to this page. I love getting to see pictures of the stories I hear about frequently. I miss you guys.

I really have to go see Chicken Little.

Jeremy and Meredith said...

We feel so honored to be on your blog! I sense some "skepticism" on your part believing that Isaac actually had his own seat. Well, he really did! We brought his little booster seat, and he sat in his own seat the whole movie eating popcorn and candy. Every so often he would lean over and say "Hi Mommy" or "Hi Daddy". He was really great! It helps that the movie was just a little over an hour. Now, whenever we say Chicken Little, he says "Good movie!" Glad we can get updates on your family now!