Monday, December 19, 2005

Christmas parties

Mitchell's school Christmas party!

This is Mitchell and his friend Runa opening gifts from their teacher and Mitchell and the only other boy in his class, Tyler, eating cake at their "Happy Birthday Jesus" party at school. They even had ice cream cake that said, "Happy Birthday Jesus" and they sang to him!

Church Christmas Party!

My mom put Mark in the manger of the live nativity scene! As for the pic of Neil and the boys, I have no idea what happened to Neil's forehead in the pic! Pretty funny huh? I am just really excited to have pictures of Neil to put on the blog!

This was Mark's first taste of chocolate! I think he really liked it!

We had lots of nativity crafts which I think was pretty neat. They used the gym as the "party room" and filled it with nativity activities and had Santa in a different room! It was a good change from last year when the whole thing was about Santa!
The family helping us with the craft is a special family to us! The Roses. Jennifer, in the back, is one of Mitchell's baby sitters and the mom, Renee, was the first one to invite us over for dinner and then invited me to aerobics with her the next week! You know that got me excited!


Dustin said...

Congrats on getting your profile pic published! Had a great class party this past weekend, pics on the site.

aunt-shell said...

I think I talk to you every day so I already knew all that was going on, but pictures make the stories come to life. I was having a bad day so I decided to look at your blog. Seeing your family pictures helped a little! Can't wait to see you at christmas on Saturday. Love you all!