Saturday, December 03, 2005

8 months old

I can hardly believe Mark turned 8 months old last Sunday. It seems so old! He is rolling all over the floor (and off a few beds). He is almost crawling! He gets his knees up under him and rocks a little and then takes a nose dive or does a belly flop! He is experimenting with his voice; we get to hear all sorts of squeals and grunts and yells, even da, ga, tttas, eeda, and heea. He loves to eat handfulls of hair, mine, Neil's, whatever he can find on the floor! He went to the Dr. last week for a cough that two rounds of antibiotics didn't stop. After a chest x-ray and and an oxygen reading and a breathing treatment, we came home with three new prescriptions to clear up his cough and wheezing and ear infections! One of the medicines is a steroid and he is crazy!! Eating every 2 hours through the night. He has been sleeping through the night for the last 5 months so this is a shock to the system! He is also taking an inhaler that caused him have a few shaking episodes for a few seconds yesterday while he nursing. That was kind of scary. Tonight and last night he has cried for about 1 1/2 hours straight. We are so sad that his medicine is making him so miserable! We only have a few days left of the medicine and then I hope we can get our sweet Marky back. The one who hardly cries and loves to laugh and shriek at his brother!


aunt-shell said...

That picture is soooo cute! I am glad that I'm coming this weekend because lately pictures of Mark Don't look like Mark to me! That's a good sign I've been away too long. Hopefully all vomiting and shaking episodes will have ceased by the time I get there. Can't wait to see Mitchell's Christmas Program. Love you guys.

MamaLou said...

I remember Jeny's first 'fall off the bed' and immediately hearing about Mitchell's 'first.' Now it's the second child that just gets a quick pick me up, hug and 'you're all right!' I guess with the 3rd, you just let them lay there crying and with the 4th you don't even notice they have rolled off the bed! haha! I'm so sorry Mark's feeling bad, what he needs is a good spoiling by both grandmothers - and Christmas is just around the corner, so look out. When you get back home to AL you'll think crying! ! ! Love Ya - MamaLou

Grandad and Mom-Mom said...

Mark, you are such a handsome boy! Crawling and exploring is such fun. Your Dad always went for the potted plants when he was your age.