Monday, December 12, 2005

Mitchell in "The Christmas Star"

Thursday Mitchell performed in his 1st Christmas program! Boy was it exciting! I was probably more nervous about it than he was! What if MY SON was the one doing something completely random, not singing, running off the stage, whatever! Well, I got over my jitters when I figured out that he wasn't really that concerned about it. At the program he was supposed to sing a song about following the star to baby Jesus and do hand motions. The girls were wearing feather boas and the boys wore sunglasses. Mitchell just stood on stage in the mass of 2 year olds and put his sunglasses on his forehead! He even stuck the sunglasses up his nose a few times! He did no singing and maybe one hand motion! At least he was not an "attention getter" like one 4 year old girl who stepped forward from the line and was swinging her boa around her head like an adult dancer! After the program we went out to lunch! Aunt Shell had come down to see the program and Daddy had escaped from the hospital! We had a great day!


Noe Family said...

Oh I love it!! Mitchell is so cute. We loved yalls Christmas picture of the boys in their matching clothes. I haven't visited your blog in a while and I read about your T-giving vomit ordeal. Wow, we have so much to look forward to:) I also added the Bedichek's to our blog so I can check up on them. Tell Mitchell and Mark that DeeDee and Buster say "Hi."

Grandad and Mom-Mom said...

Mitchell, you look so grown up and handsome in your little dress shirt and sweater vest!